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The Survey group is located within the Engineering Division. The St. Lucie County Surveying team is responsible for St. Lucie County Surveyorproviding a wide range of surveying services. The St. Lucie County Surveying team performs or provides management for field surveys, including control, topographic, storm water, design, right of way, environmental and acquisition surveys. Our Surveying team is a member of the St. Lucie County Development Review Committee and reviews all boundary surveys, topographic surveys and plats that are associated with site development. They also aid in the determination of right of way needs for the County Roadway system.

The St. Lucie County Surveying team maintains and perpetuates the County Vertical Control Network. The Network is based on the North American Vertical Datum (NAVD) of 1988.

St. Lucie County Surveying maintains copies of surveys performed by other individuals or entities within the County. Copies of previous surveys are available to the public and are filed according to section, township and range.St. Lucie County Surveyor

For questions relating to right of way determination, site plan, flood zone maps and platting contact:

2300 Virginia Avenue
Ft. Pierce, Florida 34982
(772) 462-1707

Rod Reed, PLS, County Surveyor
462-1721St. Lucie County Surveyor

For information relating to County benchmarks, right of way maps and copies of reference surveys contact:

John Wilbon, P.L.S, Survey Tech IV